About Us

About us

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We are a social impact enterprise. We believe in Health, Freedom and Opportunity.

We help people everywhere in the world access the latest medicines not available in their countries. We are an independent medicines intermediary platform and international pharmacy sourcing each medicine for named patient compassionate use and are overseeing every aspect of the shipping, customs and delivery. To date, we have supported patients from over 90 countries with access to thousands of life improving medicines. Our mission is to give everyone in the world access to the best medicines, regardless of where they live.

Why Choose Us

Guarantee Feel Free From Pain Again

We are eager to deliver awesome in everything we do. In the way we support our patients and their doctors from around the world and in the way we try to achieve our goals. Our passion and discipline drive us to deliver excellence in every detail.

We strive to go above and beyond the expectations set for us by patients, health professionals, stakeholders and everyone around us.

Patients Helped


Patients Reached


Our mission

At the heart of our approach is true patient-centricity. This is more than ‘putting patients first’ – we believe in empowering people to have every available option ready when they consult a healthcare professional. Nobody should suffer from the inability to access the latest scientific and medical breakthroughs because of their location. Therefore it’s our mission to create an open door to health innovations for patients and physicians around the world.

We strive for a world where everybody, no matter who they are or where they live, has equal and fair access to the latest and best healthcare. Because we firmly believe that good health enables personal freedom and opportunity.

Our horizons

01 Patients have better health and wellbeing

Our first horizon encompasses engaging and helping patients access life extending medicines – medicines that can better their quality of life.

This is our current platform where we have made great progress over the past few years. We have reached and helped patients from all corners of the globe, from countries we never thought possible, and substantiated our goal of providing them with access to the latest, elsewhere-approved medicines.

02 Stronger, healthier and more inclusive communities

Within the second horizon our focus is to start the ground work to building an ecosystem infrastructure. One that will slowly bring together pharma, health care professionals and innovators.

Our focus for the next three years is to fortify our advocacy network by working together with doctors, nurses, families and caregivers – ultimately supporting more and more patients who need our help, from all around the world. By building the infrastructure for a new ecosystem, we will allow all pharma and health innovators to equally contribute, collaborate, and foster an arrangement where everyone works together.

03 Society is healthier and happier

Within the third horizon, we aim to evolve into a new health ecosystem that empowers humans around the world to come up with integrated solutions and empowers humans around the world to come up with integrated solutions and a comprehensive, collaborative approach to solving the problems we are facing in the healthcare landscape.

The ‘grand finale’ for global society is aimed at establishing an ecosystem for everyone. We firmly believe that health is the new wealth. And human dignity does not allow haves and have-nots. We will evolve into an ecosystem where everyone acknowledges illness and passionately collaborates to find health management solutions that work for all.

Our plan

We are constantly striving to keep growing and working towards our dream of improving health access globally. Our operational plan has seven distinct growth phases: